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Abstract submission is open until 11th of November 2021, 11:59 pm CET.

Abstract Submission Guide

All abstracts (including invited speakers) have to be submitted here.

Type of presentation
You can choose to submit an abstract for:
  • Special session
  • Workshop
  • Oral presentation
  • Poster

Special sessions are organized on a given theme with several invited speakers, and a few free slots for which others can apply. As an example, a special session on Emerging Markets is foreseen, to learn what key issues they are facing and how to translate existing knowledge and research techniques to these upcoming countries. If you would like to run a special session based on one of the conference themes, the proposal must outline the proposed theme, length of the symposium (max. 1,5 hours), names of invited speakers and a min and max number of people you expect to attend (for purpose of selection of a room within the venue).

Workshops will have a more (inter)active character, discussing a scientific topic, for example enhancement of underwater shellfish reefs in offshore wind farms, and/or looking to instruct participants on a given technique. Workshops will run parallel to the main sessions. If you would like to run an interactive workshop, then you can also submit an abstract. The abstract must outline the proposed topic, length of the session (max. 1,5 hours), the foreseen outcome of the workshop and a min and max number of people you expect to attend (for purpose of selection of a room within the venue).
Note that you’ll have to be a sponsor to organize a workshop that showcases a commercial product/service (please check sponsor opportunities and/or contact CWW2022 at:

Oral sessions are the main sessions for contributed talks. They will be organized by general themes (e.g., Cumulative effects, Mitigation Hierarchy, …, see list of themes below). Abstracts that are not accepted for an oral session will automatically be considered for posters, unless indicated otherwise at the time of abstract submission.

Once oral sessions and posters are allocated, we will contact poster presenters and offer them the opportunity to apply for a brief poster pitch presentation. Further details will be given at a later stage. Poster presentations will be highlighted on the meeting agenda, featured during designated poster sessions, and have abstracts included in the meeting proceedings. 

Oral presentations within special sessions and the main sessions will be a maximum of 12 minutes’ duration, leaving ~3 minutes for change of speaker. At the end of each session there will be room for questions and discussion on the topics presented. 

We have selected seven themes, see below for a summary and here for more details, which together encompass a broad range of topics on wind energy and wildlife interactions. These themes cover both onshore and offshore issues to ensure knowledge is exchanged between these two areas. Please note that the sub-bullets below each theme provide examples of the types of research of interest within each theme; these should not be considered exclusive of other relevant issues within each theme not explicitly described. 
List of themes:
  1. Planning issues
  2. Species responses
  3. Uncertainty in risk assessments
  4. Cumulative (population) effects
  5. Wind & wildlife interaction in practice
  6. Mitigation hierarchy
  7. Outlook to the future - emerging challenges & opportunites
When submitting the abstract, you can include a brief text to be used on twitter. The organization will automatically send out these tweets just before presentations start (orals, special sessions, workshops and plenaries only). 

Submission Instructions
Submissions for presentations/workshops in response to this call for abstracts should include the following information:
  • Presentation title (this should be brief and informative, limited to 20 words and using sentence case)
  • Author(s), including affiliation(s), country and email address(es)
    • Submitters must designate one principal author who will register for and attend the conference and present the contribution. He/she will also be the primary representative for the abstract who will be acknowledged in the final program; Co-authors can be included in the submission and will be listed on the meeting website and proceedings.
  • Intended presentation format:
    • Workshop
    • Special session
    • Oral Presentation
    • Poster
  • Abstract (max 500 words) including:
    • Research motivations and objectives
    • Research setting
    • Methodology, statistical analyses, timeframe, and range of applicability/scope of inference
    • Summary of results, indicating whether they are preliminary or final
    • Management implications of the findings
    • If the abstract describes a special session or interactive workshop: also include rationale of the session / workshop or topic, names of invited speakers, foreseen outcomes, number of expected attendees

Submission Deadline
Submissions will be accepted until November 11, 2021, 11:59 pm CET.

Approximate Timeline for Review and Selection Process 
  • November 11, 2021: Abstracts due
  • Late December 2021: Submitters notified of abstract selection or rejection
  • Late January 2022: Draft program released

Submission Process

To respond to this Call for Abstracts, please click here.
Follow the instructions provided to submit your abstract.  

Late Abstracts
Submissions received after the deadline may be considered depending on availability of reviewers and space within the meeting agenda. Otherwise, late submissions will be considered for posters only.

Abstract Review and Selection Process
Acceptance of submissions is not guaranteed. Abstract selection will be based on multiple, anonymous expert reviews, adherence to meeting themes and purpose, and time-slot availability.

Criteria for Abstract Selection and Development of Program
Note: These criteria are general guidelines used to develop the scientific program and select presentations and posters; not all criteria may apply to all abstracts chosen. Additional criteria may be used to make decisions about specific abstracts (e.g., outside topic in Call for Abstracts but cutting edge and determined to likely be of high interest to meeting attendees). Questions posed to abstract reviewers are based closely on these criteria.

Criteria for Oral Presentations
  • Furthers understanding of wind energy’s impacts, and/or solutions to addressing impacts, to wildlife or habitats
  • Demonstrates strong technical merit (e.g., innovative study design, proper use of statistics, complete data set, reported results, conclusions appropriately reached, meets scientific rigor)
  • Presents results/conclusions rather than preliminary information
  • Focuses on management implications and providing solutions
  • Presents a novel or creative way of looking at an existing problem
  • Addresses meeting themes as mentioned in the Call for Abstracts
Criteria for Poster Presentations
  • Presents data-heavy results better displayed in poster format
  • Demonstrates strong technical merit (e.g., innovative study design, proper use of statistics, complete data set, reported results, conslusions appropriately reached, meets scientific rigor)
  • Describes site-specific research not necessarily cutting edge or applicable in a broader sense (e.g., fatality monitoring study at an individual wind energy project)
  • Focuses on studies/projects presented earlier without significantly new conclusions
  • Receives scores and comments from reviewers indicating topic is better suited to a poster
  • Addresses topics not listed in Call for Abstracts/doesn’t fit into agenda with given space
Criteria for Rejection
  • Not related to wind-wildlife research or management (e.g., focused strictly on policy)
  • Conclusions not clearly supported by study design and results
  • Primarily serves to advertise or promote a product or service


  • Speakers in workshops or oral sessions must register for the conference under the following link (link will be added soon!) by the deadline for early bird registration (January 31th, 2022) to secure their timeslot. Acceptance will be rescinded for those presenters who have not registered by that date.


Please contact CWW2022 at:
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